ARCO is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm for breakfast and lunch and all Saturdays, Sundays and Weeknights for private functions.


Restaurant Menu

****** ARCO LUNCH ******
From 1 1.30am


Flatbread (V) $9
Char grilled, white bean and garlic dip
Duck and Chive Croquette $12
Aioli, sea salt
Saganaki (V) $9
Grilled cheese, lemon, rocket
Grilled Scallops $16
Pea puree, crisp prosciutto
Italian Anchovies (GFO) $9
char-grilled sourdough
Oyster $3.90ea
Spicy ponzu dressing, wakame
Light Meals
Calamari (GFO) $19/29
Gremolata, aioli, rocket, dried chilli flakes, sea salt
BLT $24
200gm angus patty, USA cheddar, caramelised onions, pickle, bacon, lettuce, tomato,
American mustard, fries, aioli
Autumn (V, GF) $19
Poached baby vegetables, smoked eggplant caviar, ricotta, micro herbs
Risotto (GF) $28
Beef cheek, rocket, parmesan, red wine reduction
Mushrooms (V) $19
Medley of mushrooms, salted ricotta, sourdough, balsamic reduction, herbs
Linguine $38
Prawns, scallops, fish & clams tossed through a light bisque & Napoli sauce, topped
with a QLD tiger prawn and finished with herbs, rocket and chilli
Fish 'N' Chips $24
Crispy beer-battered flathead, fries, garden salad, tartare sauce
Spaghetti (VG) $26
Broccoli, peas, zucchini, chilli, garlic, olive oil, pangrattato
Your option of 1-2 sides included in the price of each main
300gm Grass-Fed Scotch Fillet (GF) $39
Red wine jus
Corn-Fed Chicken Breast (GFO) $34
Lemon and thyme gravy
300gm Grass-Fed MB4 Porterhouse (GFO) $39
Creamy pepper gravy
Char-Grilled Swordfish (GF) $36
Sauce gribiche
Pork Schnitzel $36
Crumbed in parmesan and thyme, aioli
Lamb Backstrap (GF) $38
Olive jus
Gnocchi (V) — SUgo, basil, parmesan $12
Mac and Cheese (V) — cheese sauce $12
Corn Cob (VG, GF) — char grilled, spiced sea salt, parsley $8
Spinach (V) — feta, pumpkin, pine nuts, Dijon dressing $10
Sweet Potato (VG) — pear, rocket, grains, sherry vinaigrette $12
Ratatouille (VG, GF) — traditionally made $10
Greens (V, GF) — seasonal vegetables, garlic butter, parsley $10
Wedges (V) — house cut potato, rosemary sea salt, aioli $10
Fries (V) — aioli $8

V: vegetarian, V G: vegan, GF: gluten-free, V O: vegetarian option, V GO: vegan optional, GFO:
gluten-free optional
Kindly note we do not split bills


Breakfast Menu

****** ARCO BREAKFAST ******
7.OOAM - 11.30AM

Toast (V)
Sourdough, multigrain or rye $7
Peanut butter, jam or vegemite
Fruit Loaf (V) 
Served with butter
House-made Granola (V) 
House baked oats w dried fruit, seeds & nuts, w fresh fruit & vanilla yogurt
Eggs on Toast (V) 
Poached, fried, scrambled or boiled on your choice of bread
Apple and almond Bircher (VN)
 Rolled oats soaked in fresh apple juice & almond milk & served with a raspberry compote, fresh berries, toasted almond flakes
Arco Benedict (GFO) 
Poached eggs w apple cider poached ham hock, wilted spinach & hollandaise
The Turkish (GFO) 
Fried eggs & bacon Turkish roll with fresh tomato, basil salsa & sliced avocado
The Tradie (GFO) 
Eggs your way w bacon, grilled tomato, grilled field mushroom, sautéed spinach & hash browns
Smoothie Bowl (VN) 
Raspberry, mango & banana smoothie base with nuts, seeds, berries & passionfruit
Egg $3.5
Hash Browns $3.5
Creamed Spinach $3.5
Grilled Tomato $3.5
Avocado $4.5
Bacon $4.5
Casa Iberica hot Chorizo $4.5
Grilled Field Mushroom $4.5
Smoked Salmon $5.5
Teadrop Tea
English breakfast, earl grey, chamomile, honeydew green, spring green, lemongrass and ginger, peppermint $4.3
Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel $7
Fresh Juice
Please ask for selection $7.5
Banana, berry-banana, mango $9
Berry, mango-orange, tropical $8

V: vegetarian, V N: vegan, GF: gluten-free, V O: vegetarian option, V NO: vegan optional, GFO: gluten-free optional.
Kindly note we do not split bills 

Mains specials

Function Menu

****** Arco Cocktail Menu 2020 ******
$60pp choose 8 courses
Sweet (all petit four size)
Tempura prawns with dipping sauce Lemon curd tartlets
Selection of pizzette Dark choc ganache tart
Smoked salmon en crute with chive crème fraiche Choc dipped strawberries
Chicken schnitzel slider Selection of macarons
Moroccan lamb skewers caramel profiteroles
Pulled pork slider Add a platter for $55
Popcorn chicken with aioli Selection of seasonal fruit with a honey and cinnamon yoghurt dip
Salt and pepper calamari Selection of Australian cheese with lavosh, crackers and grapes
Vegetarian frittata with caponata Selection of house made dips with grilled Turkish pide
Rare seared beef en crute with mustard and caramelised onion Charcuterie board of cured and smoked meats, terrine and pate
Soy, garlic and ginger chicken skewers Vegetarian antipasto served with grissini
3 Course $70pp / 2 Course $60pp
*(Choose two from each course for alternating serves)
Lyonnaise (GF)
Cos leaves, crispy bacon, boiled egg, kipfler potato, roasted chicken and
chives dressed in a seeded mustard vinaigrette
Calamari (GFO)
Lightly fried calamari tossed in salt and chilli with a side of aioli
Gnocchi (V)
Served in a pumpkin and white wine sauce topped with blue cheese, red
grapes and toasted walnuts
City larder terrine (GF)
With pickled onions, grissini and toast
House made soup chosen by you with consultation with the chef served
with crusty bread and butter
Scotch Fillet
220gm char-grilled steak with rocket and parmesan salad, French fries and
red wine jus (GF)
Barramundi fillet
Grilled barramundi served with wilted bok choy, soba noodle salad with a
miso sauce
Chicken breast (GF)
Served with mash potato, char grilled asparagus, seeded mustard cream
sauce and carrot chips
Vegetarian cassoulet
A hearty stew of white beans and chickpeas served with roasted root
vegetables, fresh herbs and pistou
Veal Schnitzel
Juicy house-crumbed veal schnitzel with bacon and potato salad, sautéed
beans and garlic aioli
Pork Scallopine
Sliced medallions of pork fillet served a top smashed garlic potato and
wilted spinach and smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce
Grilled Swordfish
Char grilled swordfish served on a bed of ratatouille
with salsa verde and fried basil
Homemade Tiramisu (V)
Luscious layers of sponge biscuits, coffee and mascarpone finished with
shaved chocolate and lashings of vanilla cream
Petit Fours
A selection of sweet bites
Sticky Date Pudding (V)
Served warm with a decadent butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
Bread and butter pudding
Traditionally made and served with vanilla beans ice cream
Citrus tart
Served with double cream and raspberry compote

Lunch Takeaway Menu

Catering Menu

****** Arco Catering ******
82-86 Monash Drive, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175
Menu available at
** Pre-order on 9799 8799 for pick-up or free delivery at your requested time **
Canapes Salads ($45)
Moroccan lamb skewer $4.5 Pasta salad with spinach, semi dried tomato and pesto
Roasted veggie skewer (VG) $4 Caesar salad with anchovy dressing, parmesan, croutons and crispy bacon
Soy, garlic and ginger chicken skewers $4.5 Moroccan coUscoUs, vegetable and spinach salad with kasoundi
Chicken schnitzel slider $5 Garden salad with tomato, cucumber, red onion and Dijon dressing
Pulled pork slider $5 Rocket, parmesan and red cabbage with Dijon dressing
Mushroom, rocket and grilled peppers slider $5 Potato and bacon with chives and a seeded mustard mayonnaise dressing
Salt and pepper Calamari $6.5pp Add Protein
Popcorn chicken $6.5pp
Tuna $20                                     Smoked salmon $30
Pea and mushroom arancini (V) $6.5pp Roasted chicken $20                   Grilled lamb $30
Tea Time Assorted Sandwiches
Egg, bacon and cheese muffins $5.5 Sandwich  $6.51 piece
Egg, bacon and mayo slider $5 Focaccia   $10.5/ piece
Egg, bacon and relish focaccia $9 Wraps       $10.5/ piece
Zucchini and bacon slice $4pp Platters
Selection of sweet treats $4.5pp Antipasti   $60
House-made muffins $5.5 Vegetarian antipasti  $50
House made quiche $5.5 Seasonal fruit  $40
Cheese board  $60
Pasta $65

Pasta selection: Chicken tortellini, beef tortellini, penne or bowties

Sauce selection: Napoli, carbonara, creamy mushroom and spinach or pesto and semi-
dried tomato

Free delivery for catering orders

Takeaway Menu

****** Arco Tuck Shop ******
82-86 Monash Drive, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175
Menu available at
** Pre-order on 9799 8799 for pick-up or free delivery at your requested time **
Breakfast from 7.00am
Toast — Sourdough, multigrain or Dark Rye (peanut butter, iam, vegemite) $7
Fruit loaf — butter $8.5
Granola — house made with dried fruit, nuts and seeds with vanilla yoghurt $11
Eggs on toast — scrambled or fried with your choice of bread $12
The Turkish — fried eggs, bacon, avocado and tomato salsa in a turkish roll $18
Biggie — eggs, bacon, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, toast $22
Plus: — egg & bacon muffins, sliders, wraps & rolls From $5
Lunch from 1 1.30am
Cheese burger — grilled angus patty, double cheese, pickle, grilled onions & aioli $12 Linguine di mare — a selection of seafood in a light Napoli & chilli sauce $28
Burger with the lot — grilled patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, egg, bacon
and pineapple
$16 Beef tortellini — salami, olives and fresh herbs in a light cherry tomato sauce $19
Schnitz burger — chicken schnitzel, lettuce, cheese, aioli $11 Orecchiette — carbonara $19
Parma burger - chicken schnitzel, ham, cheese, Napoli, lettuce, aioli $13 Chicken tortellini — Wild mushroom, garlic & onion in a white wine cream sauce $19
Pork and gravy — roast pork & gravy roll $9 Pumpkin ricotta ravioli — spinach, pine nut & pesto cream sauce $18
Fries with aioli $6 Roasted pumpkin salad — Spinach, feta, pine nuts & Dijon dressing $13
Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli $8 Greek salad— mixed leaves, tomato, olives, cucumber, feta, oregano lemon dress $13
Hash browns (4) $3

Rocket — Rocket, pear, walnuts, shaved parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette

Salad protein add : Roast Chicken $6, Moroccan Lamb $8, S&P Calamari $8

Fish and chips — battered flathead, chips, tartare, lemon $16 Calamari and chips — seasoned calamari with lemon and chilli, chips, lime aioli  
Popcorn chicken and chips — soy and ginger chicken fried with chips & aioli $16 Daily special hot meals - for your lunch or take home for dinner From $8
Focaccias & Wraps assorted $10.5 Toasties — HCT $7
— Chicken & Avocado $8.5
Catering available with free delivery

Christmas Menu

****** ARCO CHRISTMAS MENU 2019 ******
3 Course $70pp
2 Course $60pp
Chilli and Salt Calamari (GF)
Served with a rocket salad and lime aioli
Poached Prawns (GF)
In a chilled cucumber and tomato gazpacho, topped with cocktail sauce and salmon
City Larder Terrine
Pork and caramelised onion terrine served with pickled onions, grissini and toast
Gnocchi (V)
In a brown butter and sage sauce, topped with toasted pine nuts and parmesan crumbs
Gippsland Scotch Fillet (GF)
Char-grilled, served with fries, rocket and parmesan salad and red wine jus
Fish of the Day (GF)
Atlantic salmon fillet with fondant potato, avocado and hollandaise
Pork Roast
Roasted pork loin with all the Christmas trimmings
Signature Linguini
Mussels, clams, calamari, prawns, scallops and a Moreton bay bug in a light chilli, tomato and
herb sauce
Risotto (V)
Spinach and herb risotto topped with truffle butter and micro herbs
Mixed Platters
Petit fours and hand-crafted chocolates (GF)